tumblr_inline_oomlmhDG4v1qkp5up_540Social Justice Art

Art created to inspire, to take us places we have never been, but we would like to be one day. However, many artists around the world use art to highlight social injustice, racial justice struggle, socioeconomic, and many other social issues.

Water lead in Flint, Michigan is still on the news media, but this artist message is that the lead in the water in Lake Michigan is also affecting the drinking water in Chicago as well. This away to say that the lead issue is a danger to the resident in Chicago, but is not mentioned anywhere in the media, or even social media that I am aware of.

I have seen street arts with a message like the one above, but I have never questioned, or even realized what the artist trying to convey to me, and others about his/her art. However, after watching artists in Mexico City advocating for social justice, class struggle, I have fallen in love with street art.

Artists are risking their lives and the life of their families, and friend when addressing such issues. Even though, they know what could happen to them, they chose to use their work to speak, educate, and make the general public what is happening in their communities.


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