Art Analysis

analytics.js.downloadParkland shooting victim

This portrait image is for one of the victims of Parkland shooting.  He was young man who was shot, and killed in environment that supposed to be safe and secure. I can not imagine the fear, the heartbreak, and the lose that parents and students in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla are feeling, or going through.

According to the new York Times, this powerful image was painted by Manuel Oliver who lost his 17 year old son Joaquin Oliver to heinous crime.  Mr.Oliver chose red, black , orange and grey to convey his feeling.

Red is very emotional color used to express passion, strength, love, desire, blood , and violence.  While black is the color for power, fear, evil, death, and strength. Orange is the color joy , change, determination, sunshine, and creativity, and then he added grey is the color of timeless, sophistication, and moody.

Mr.Oliver message is the message of power, strength, love, determination, and he is telling the world that his son might not physical present in this world, but he is the sunshine in his life.




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